Meeting Minutes


Up to 30 leaders!
Intros: Name, Year, Hometown, Outdoor activity, Spirit backpacking meal…
Maggie – jr, Seattle, skiing, really pristine quesadilla
Ted – Bay Area, jr, any water sport, mac and cheese w bacon
Katelyn – soph, Seattle, skiing, quinoa
Fiona – soph, Illinios (outside of Chicago), hiking in the woods, calzones
Kate – jr, Co Spgs, skiing or mountain biking, some type of chili
Christina – fr, Seattle, hiking, salami and honey on a bagel
David – fr, SLO, climbing, ground up pinecone (comparable to the acorns outside of Beckett)
Brian – Washington, fr, bouldering or skiing, honey nut cheerios (not stale) in a tupperware
Elliot – NY, fr, bread, reading at top of a summit
Caroline – Maryland, jr, sailing, pesto tortilini
Henry – fr, Bay Area, skiing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, pita pizza
Weronika – soph, TX, water activities, beef jerky – but the good stuff, as in not mass produced (the real stuff is in TX)
Michael – jr, CO, ski, flapjacks… morning, evening, anytime
Jaz – sr, TX, freshly caught fish (cause she’s into bears)
John – soph, Truckee, ski, tacos (softshell)
Nicki – Thousand Oaks (there are lots of oaks there), jr, backpacking, plain pasta w spike (but she’s actually summer sausage)
Annika – Truckee, jr, singing outside, lentils with spike and sliced summer sausage (likely seasoned with dirt because I, Amber, knocked the bowl over)
Maia – Palo Alto, fr, hiking, sandwich
Amber – soph, CO, skiing (as of right now), ramen with zucchini, squash, and summer sausage, seasoned with spike
Dan – jr, rock climbing, dehydrated meal (“I’m super easy and ready to go”)
John – jr, Orange County, dutch oven peach cobbler
Eli – jr, Boston, backpacking and skiing, mac and cheese w cream cheese
•Trip to Deep Creek went well today – about 15 peeps, all a little sunburned, not much nudity
•Prof-Student hike was rad – there were tons of people and Weronika learned about rocks with her Geo prof
Upcoming Trips
•2/15 Sunset Picnic Hike (Weronika and Amber)
•Maybe something over parents weekend
•Talk about a ski trip – Mountain High (night skiing)? Big Bear? Snow Valley? Wedding Party conflict?
We’re trying to get trips out every weekend, so get planning! 

•For those without training, we’re planning something with Martin Crawford sometime in the next three weeks
•Ideally, the training we’d require/offer would be more comprehensive, but we’re working on that
•Aye! Everyone’s in favor! But still read it. And if you have comments/concerns/questions, just email Maggie
•A copy has been sent out to everyone who isn’t new, but Maggie’s sending it out again
•It’s important because it gets us in with the CMC clubs, and, ya know, it’s kinda important…
•The only big change would be elections and terms (same as discussed last meeting)
•Liability: leaders aren’t at all liable
•Dan has a fever, sad.
•Last semester we had some serious issues with keeping track of gear (we’re still missing two camp stoves)- but that’s gonna change!
•Right now, the gear is in the senior apartments
•Kate’s trip checklist will have the entire process (check the spreadsheet for availability, email Dan a week in advance, find a time to connect and pick up, go have an epic time, return)
•When returning gear, clean it!!!! Please be respectful of Dan, his fellow gear peeps, and the rest of us! Gear won’t be accepted if it’s not clean
•OI will take care of broken gear, but if you lose it, you buy it
Logistics/How to Lead A Trip!
•Kate has been compiling a checklist with info dispersion, registration, waivers, gear, reserving vehicles, etc…
Tentative: March 6 – OI Retreat
•Friday night, go somewhere, chill and bond, eat, do some basic training
Events committee
•Selected last meeting – gonna plan some movie nights and other exciting stuff!
•They’re coordinated by the Communications/PR people, and they’ll rotate every couple of weeks
•Gas (up to $100), permits, campsite reservations
•Do packouts!! No food covered

MEETING 1.21.2015

WELCOME BACK OI!!! Lezzz go, spring 2015!

-Maggie, marmot, prof-student hike
-Kate, blue whale, skiing at big bear
-Meredith, giraffe (lumbering, weird), theme hike up baldy
-Dan, Michael’s hair, “six pack of so cal”
-Henry, elephant, devil’s punchbowl
-Christina, some type of fish maybe a shark, backpacking on Catalina
-Maia, squid, deep creek
-Weronika, llama, anza borrego
-Dave, domestic housecat, somewhere in Utah (zion or bryce)
-Michael, beaver, also to zion and yosemite and climb el cap (free solo – sign that waiver)
-Nicki, sheep or eel (same sentiment), death valley
-Eli, being an eagle would be cool, JTree!!!!!!! climb???
-Matt, jellyfish (floating around), skiing or climbing (don’t really know how…)
-Amber, baby lion (something with hair), tour de hot springs
•we’ve been working!
-website: calendar with fun stuff, signups, waiver – all stuff happening there
-constitution: compiling ideas, writing up positions, policies – feedback, thoughts, soon
-approve by next meeting?
•logistically: logistical meetings won’t happen too much, but feedback said we want trips every weekend
•lots of trips: making sure there’s a trip going out every weekend – filling at a bi-weekly rate
-always have at least one trip per week
-“I want to go outdoors… I’m going to check OI!”
-spread the word!!
•no quartermaster now – Dan is only to express quartermaster – speech!
-I’m dan, I want to be quartermaster” boy scout, ROTC experience
-all in favor!! YAY DAN!
•Devon is great – give us access to all WOA gear! (“that’s tight”)
-budget for gear increases!
-what gear we can recommend for WOA trips
-gotta be on top of our shit and take care of it
-storage becomes storage for WOA gear – senior apartments
-5 keycard access: who’s willing to assist? retrieve gear for trips?
-Dan, Weronika, Eli, Henry, Meredith
•Devon wants to give us money!! sponsor 2-3 trips with budgets of $500-$700
-get creative!!
-on board, wants to give us money
-has to be open to all of CMC… that’s us!
-at least 10 peeps on a trip – not all leaders tho…
•list of vehicle people
-if that doesn’t work – gotta register with DOS and get set up with Cynthia
-no vehicle priority
-try not to do it last minute and get one
-maybe just book and fill later
•WOA: giving advice, need campsite recommendations
-going to be mandatory for everyone, part of orientation
-WOA leaders and sponsors are merging (aka, same person)
-we’ll help plan trips and train guides (who get certified by Martin at OEC)
-take out on training trip?
-support them where we can!
•prof student hike!! next sunday, etiwanda falls, Feb first (Super Bowl sunday… uh oh – def back before 3 tho!)
-simple hike
-ideally, get slips to give out to professors
-“hey, I want to go for a hike with you!” get student body on board
-email went out to all faculty
-let’s get them to brag about us “the students and professors are so close!”
-spread info!!
•leader applications going out soon – we can get more leaders on board
-get app out by end of this week and due next week
•camp out in front of the hub!!
-signups for email
-signups for hike
-sell shirts
-leader application
-signup for it: monday and tues, from 10-2
-it’s a trip, do what you want.
-sign up for what you want
-movie nights? more picnics? more games? more opportunities to get certified?
-events committee: a couple people per month planning events for a week
-plan whatever you want!
-would you sign up?
-def some OI leader stuff (friends!!)
-throw an OI party? interesting… budget is a no-no (ASCMC monitored)
-we’ll figure something out…
•overnight deal for bonding and training
-sometime after we approve new leaders
-sometime in next month
-info coming soon
•terms and reelections
-currently start now and end next fall…
-just weird.
-most organizations have elections at end of april so transition time and officer for most of next year
-switch to that setup!
-reset the schedule
-don’t necessarily need to switch
-proposal for parents weekend: 13th? parent-student hike, dawwwww!
-email coming for weekend fill trips
-shirts!! pick up shirts
-tent: sign up people. 11-1. we can do this.

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