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Hey there! Welcome to Claremont McKenna College’s Outdoor Initiative! OI is a student run, CMC-only outdoor club, and therefore the best way to get out to see the wonders of Southern California and beyond.

Why would you do such a thing?
Because we love being outside, experiencing the incredible beauty of the natural world. And because we know that these experiences are best when shared with other great people. We want to explore and play in the world beyond the Claremont bubble, and help others do the same.

That sounds pretty neat! How do you go about it?
We facilitate a variety of off campus outdoor activities, and we’re always trying to incorporate new ones. Typical trips are just a morning or afternoon, a day, or a weekend. But over breaks, trips range up to multi-day camping and backpacking excursions, among other offerings. If you have a great idea, submit it here!

And what if I consider the walk to Eureka Burger an absolute trek?
No worries at all! We welcome everybody – including every experience and ability level. That includes those of you who haven’t ventured far beyond Indian Hill as well as those who have whipped out Whitney in a day and through-hiked sections of the PCT. One of our goals is to facilitate a space in which knowledge can be shared, people can try new things, and existing skills can be further developed.

And who exactly comes on these trips?
Students, faculty, staff – anyone who wants to share their enjoyment of the outdoors with other awesome people.

What if I don’t have gear to go on one of these trips?
Don’t worry about it! We’ve probably got you covered, or can help you get what you need. Just get in touch with the leaders of the trip you’re interested in. Regardless, we recommend checking out the links we offer, which include a series of packing lists to help guide you through the process of getting ready.

Rumor has it that such outdoor adventures can be pretty expensive, and I’m a nearly broke college student. What’s the deal there?
Have no fear! We have a budget to subsidize most trip costs. Not going to lie – it’s pretty awesome. So that, plus the gear we can usually offer, makes these trips pretty accessible for everyone! And for those trips that do surpass our budget, we do our best to travel as efficiently as possible, and keep the cost to a minimum.

Alright, sounds good! How do I find out about trips?
Well, first you should join our mailing list. That’s where you can hear about trips and other fun things people are doing. We work hard to keep it pretty low traffic, so you don’t have to worry about an absolute deluge of OI stuff clogging up your inbox. You can also check out our calendar which we keep updated with trips, activities, meetings, and other good stuff. And because we want to inundate you with all the super cool things we’re up to, we have a Facebook page (which you should like), an Instagram account (which you should follow), and a Flickr (which you should peruse until you’re stoked to the max). If you actually want to experience our awesomeness in person (highly recommended), or just want to see what we’re all about, or propose a trip/idea, you’re always welcome at our meetings!

What if I can’t make it on a trip (*sob*)? Any recommendations?
Yes, lots! Check out our links page where we have a variety of information available that can point you in the direction you want. Have fun and be smart!

 What if I want to join this awesomness and become a leader?
That’s great! We select leaders at the beginning of every semester through an application process. You can learn more about it here, or by joining our mailing list, where we’ll send out the application.

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